Why on earth would anyone shovel a thousand or so pounds of sand and haul several hundred gallons of water at the beach? You’ll have to wait for the beginning of the story with the ‘How it All got Started’ post.

Imagine walking down the beach with your family or friends. You’re looking for shells, talking and enjoying the ocean breeze when you see something. A pile of sand just a little taller than normal and just a little, well, different.

You’ve walked the beach for hours in your life. But you’ve never seen anything like this. And, it’s just sitting there on the beach. There’s no fence, no protection, nothing. The waves may be a little too close. It’s magic!

When I worked for Imagineering I always tried to stay “On Property.” No matter what was going to happen that day, a series of boring (sometimes contentious) meetings or some major crisis, seeing the anticipation in a child’s face in the elevator or lobby, reminded me of why I was there. Watching people come upon the sandcastles, for the first time, is both magic for them and magic for me.

It’s “An unexpected gift in an unexpected place.”