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And just what was that executive decision? You guessed it- More Sand.

It just so happened that the original hardware store received more sand and, as you might have guessed again, it was not all created equal. Half of the sand was usable and half was just like the bad sand already filling the sandbox. The only remedy being to hand select each bag of good sand. We also happened upon sand from a high end garden supply store. This “new” sand was perfectly uniform and very clean but nearly twice the price. So what did we do? 

We bought more sand.

All in all we ended up purchasing another ton (2,000 lbs) of sand. This shows the difference between the three qualities of sand. Figure 1

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Figure 1

The “white” sand is a lot like Florida coral sand. The gray sand is a lot like North Carolina beach sand. The yellow sand is from some muddy river very far away from any ocean.

With time running out it became critical to see if the new sand was workable. It was also important to show the photographers the scale of the sandbox and castle so they could plan their shoot. It was Friday and they were showing up on Monday. It was also an excuse to play with new toys.

This is the sand test castle. It is off to the side so as not to mix good sand with bad. All the sand to the left of the bridge is loaded with rocks. Figure 2

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Figure 2

You can see the new gray sand in the upper left along with the now 300 lbs of aggregate rocks removed from the yellow sand. Figure 3

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Figure 3

And here is the test castle with some of the tools. Figure 4

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Figure 4

So what happened to the 1,500 lbs of sand that never got screened through the 1mm sieve? Figure 5

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Figure 5

And we’re not finished yet…

It had long since come to my attention 
that people of accomplishment 
rarely sat back and 
let things happen to them. 
They went out and happened to things.

~ Leonardo Da Vinci