This past Thursday, at 6:50AM, I found myself standing in an empty grocery store, at the only open check out, wearing flip flops, shorts, and old tee shirt and a baggy, brown fleece over shirt with my only purchase- a bag of grapes. A moment of self awareness washed over me causing me to laugh out loud in front of the clerk.

HTRA221 VV279
Image from ‘The Big Lebowski’

He gave an uneasy smile and I moved along with my sack of grapes.

Now, aside from attire, facial fuzz, carpentry skills (see above) and a willingness to go our own way, the Dude and I don’t share much in common. But for that moment fiction merged with reality and a forgettable moment is now fixed in time. Maybe not so off topic after all?

For what it’s worth, I was in the store that early because I’d just dropped my son off at school and the grapes were for an artists coaching session I was facilitating later that morning.

Hope the Dude abides.