These castles are born of sand, water and sky.  On any given beach the sand is a melding of land and sea.  The remnants of mountains formed from volcanic eruptions or continental collision blend with the remains of corals and mollusks.  And there, by gravity, wind and tide, they return.

The designs are not premeditated.  Rather they are a balance between materials and energy, between order and chaos, between what the mind can imagine and gravity will permit.  Each day the sand, water and sky present new opportunities and you must do what you can with the resources at hand.  Most castles stand for only a few hours leaving only memories of building and sharing.

Occasionally the castle survives the tide, wind and waves of little feet giving the sand crabs something to make their own.

All castles were made and photographed by Lou Gagnon. They are available as aluminum prints that are float mounted.