This is, without doubt, the most frequently asked question whether I’m building or exhibiting.

It is also one of the topics artists talk about when we get together. Why is this such a common question? Is it simply a way to start a conversation? Are they trying to equate value as in time – dollars? Are they hoping that it’s long enough to not feel self conscious? My guess is it’s a combination of some or all of the above.

The answer I (and other artists) often give is decades plus a few hours. It’s more like athletics, cooking or surgery. You’re paying for the expertise and execution of the performer not the time it takes to perform.

For example a finished ‘one day’ castles takes four-six hours depending on the sand and tide…
Plus decades of studying and practicing architecture and design…
Plus decades of making sandcastles, tools and developing a unique design language…
Plus a little luck. Actually, a lot of luck when you consider the weather, tides and human nature.

Getting a decent image of the sandcastle is a whole other pot of fish. I’m tired, hungry and ready to relax. Did I remember to acclimate the camera so the lens won’t fog? The castle’s probably attracted a small crowd asking questions and taking their own photos. And, I have no control over the weather. If I’m lucky one out of hundreds of shots will be usable.

If any part of the sandcastle remains in the morning I’ll add to it.

If not, it is time to start anew…



Subtle Setting: 2015© LynnVale Studios llc
Subtle Setting

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